Cost Containment Alternatives
The challenge for dental plan sponsors is how to design a plan that covers the participant’s need while staying within budgetary guidelines. At DDS Inc. we have found that the key element is the dental PPO.

Our provider networks:

  • Accept discounted fee schedules that are approximately 30 –50% of UCR
  • Have all claims over $300 peer-reviewed with relevant x-rays by licensed dentists, not clerical staff
  • Use private practice neighborhood professionals
  • Are fully credentialed
  • Include general dentists and specialists in over 40 states
  • Size and scope of the provider networks can be tailored to fit the group demographics and fee schedule. For example, in the New york Metro area, we have 3 different panel sizes with corresponding fee schedules.

DDS Inc. offers a range of options to keep the cost on target. Other methods include varying the dollar amounts of:

  • Patient co-payments
  • Annual deductibles
  • Annual maximum benefit payments
  • Orthodontic riders

Patient Services

  • Freedom of Choice allows patients to choose in or out of network providers.
  • Easy to Understand Benefits, with a schedule of payments that shows exactly what amount is payable for each covered service and whether the patient has any out-o-pocket expenses.
  • Treatment in as Few Visits as Possible, because with fee-for-service plans the dentist has a financial incentive to finish treatment. Compare this to capitation programs, where multiple visits add up to work never completed and patient frustration.
  • Customer Service Representatives who are responsible to make sure that the patient is satisfied with the services that were performed by panel dentists.
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB), mailed with the reimbursement checks.
  • Cobra Benefit Processing

We also offer PPO services throughout most of the continental United States.