Dentures vs Dental Implants


There are a multitude of reasons why people need dentures and dental implants. Age, oral disease, injury, etc. all play a part. Thanks to modern technology, there are more choices for people today.

Typically, conventional dentures are used after all teeth are removed from the mouth. When the teeth are removed there can be significant scarring to the gums, so an immediate denture will be put into place until these areas are healed.  

When the conventional denture can be worn it may take weeks or months before the patient has any comfort, because the muscles in the mouth are learning to participate with the new set of teeth.

An obvious drawback to this is that the conventional denture comes loose.They are made to be removed from the mouth, so they may come loose or shift in the mouth.  

Dental implants look and function like real teeth.  A dental implant is also much more stable, because the implant doesn’t rely on a messy adhesives to stick to the gums.  

Dental implants look like screws or cylinders. They are placed into the jaw bone that used to hold the roots of the missing natural teeth. The implants over time will bond with the bone and form stable anchors for crowns or bridges  

While these implants bond with the bones in the jaw, a patient is provided a temporary restoration to go over the implant sites.  When the sites have healed and are making a strong anchor in the jaw, a final restoration can be screwed onto the implants.  

With the implants in place your smile will be restored, you will have the confidence to do the things that may hold back someone who wears a conventional denture.

Needing dentures doesn’t have to be the end of your confident smile.  

If you have any interest in the dental implant be sure to speak with your periodontist specialist at Healthy Gums Montana about the procedure and how it would work for you.     

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