What Can DDS Do For You? 
DDS is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) with over 30 years experience in providing administrative services for self-insured group dental plans. We understand that while the dental needs of your members or employees must be met, your organization does not have unlimited financial resources to pay claims and administer the program.

Utilization costs (claims paid) can be significantly reduced through the use of our PPO panel of dentists. Our panel accepts fees that are 30-50% of ’usual & customary’ due to the volume of patients referred through the dozens of DDS participating groups. Lower fees, combined with peer review and very competitive administrative rates, will bring the cost of your dental plan down without sacrificing quality or the patient’s choice of dentists.

What Choices Do The Patients Have? 
With most plans, patients can choose between a DDS panel dentist or they can use their own family dentist. Panel dentists accept assignment, otherwise the patient must pay the difference between what their dentist charges and what the plan allows. 

Who Are The Panel Dentists? 
DDS has over 4,000 qualified dentists and specialists in the tri-state area.This extensive network of professionals offers patients a choice of locations as well as dentists. Each of our participating dentists has been carefully screened to ensure the highest standard of dental care available. These dentists are not retail outlets or clinics; they are neighborhood dentists in private practice.Each dentist provides the full range of modern dentistry and offers courteous treatment and personal care. 

What Other Services Are Available? 
DDS offers complete dental administrative services. We only require a means to verify a patient’s eligibility status, otherwise we do it all. We begin with professional peer-review on all claims over $300. This pre-determination of benefits weeds out questionable claims and saves money for all concerned. It also informs the dentist (both panel and non-panel), and patient what portion of the claim will be paid and how much, if any, the patient is responsible for. Each month a comprehensive monthly utilization report is prepared detailing all services rendered for that month.

In addition to prompt claims payment, DDS also features a customer service department that solves your member’s or employee’s problems before they become your problem. This attention to the patient’s needs and our willingness to be involved with the treatment and payment aspect of each case is what sets us apart from insurance companies and other TPAs who merely pay claims. We work to make sure that the plan runs smoothly and is seen as an asset to your organization.